Daptomycin  Brand Name Cubicin

Average Wholesale Price  (AWP) is $495.61 per bag. AWP is not the price your pharmacy pays.

The price your pharmacy pays can be 40-50% less than AWP.  The pharmacy will pay between $250.00 to $290.00 per bag of Daptomycin.  Check the price you are paying for Daptomycin and compare. This price does not include the bag solution and IV supplies.

This IV is extremely expensive.  If a patient has an order for Q24 hours for 10 days, the total cost of the drug alone could be over $2,900.

Daptomycin is an antibiotic used to treat serious bacterial infections such as MRSA. Daptomycin injection is in a class of medications called cyclic lipopeptide antibiotics. It works by killing bacteria.  There are few alternatives to Daptomycin/Cubicin since there are no other drugs in it’s class.

Partner Care Pharmacy was founded on Drug Transparency.  Our ALL INCLUSIVE per diem clients do not pay for “outliers” or “carve outs” with Daptomycin (and all IV medications) included in their rate and know the prices they should be paying.