Effective July 1, 2020 Florida’s nursing homes will be permitted to use and Institutional Formulary for their residents.  The pharmacist may therapeutically substitute drugs in accordance with a formulary established for the facility if the attending physician agrees.

A formulary is a continually updated list of medications, that in the judgment of pharmacist and physician can be substituted and are clinically appropriate, safe and cost-effective.    Therapeutic interchanges will allow the pharmacy to automatically substitute medications as per the facilities policy without additional calls to the physician.  When clinically appropriate the interchange of drugs will not only save costs but also be less burdensome for nursing home staff.  Selection of drugs that have less side effects will also be safer for patients.

Any prescriber that does not wish to use the facility formulary can prevent a therapeutic substitution for a specific prescription by indicating “No Therapeutic Substitution”. 

Partner Care Pharmacy Services promotes the use of institutional formularies and will be participating in our client facilities formulary committees to establish criteria for selecting and evaluating all pharmaceutical products that may be included.

Contact your Consultant Pharmacist or Partner Care Pharmacy at 954-453-4990 for more information on how to implement your formulary.