American Red Cross Month

Since 1943 March has been by Presidential Proclamation Red Cross Month to make the public aware of American Red Cross service in the community.

Social Work Month

First commissioned by President Ronald Reagan, we spend this month celebrating the accomplishments of social workers and the services they provide to vulnerable populations

March 8th

Day Lights Saving

Remember to Spring Forward and set your clocks ahead one hour.

March 16th – 19th

Florida Association of Directors of Nursing Annual Convention

33rd Annual Convention of Directors of Nursing in LTC held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, 9700 International Drive, Orlando, FL

March 17th

Saint Patrick’s Day

Commemorates the patron saint of Ireland, Bishop Patrick who introduced Christianity into Ireland.  A National Holiday in Ireland

March 19th

Start of Spring

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring begins with the vernal equinox.  In the Southern Hemisphere today is the beginning of autumn.  Sun rses due east and sets due west everywhere on Earth and the daylight length is virtually the same everywhere: 12 hours. 8 minutes.

March 22nd

As Young as You Feel Day

Now more than ever you are as young as you feel.  So stop acting your chronological age and get out there and start feeling peppy!

March 27th

American Diabetes Association Alert Day

A one-day “wake-up call” to raise awareness about the seriousness of diabetes and its risk factors.

March 30th

Doctors’ Day

Traditional annual observance since 1933 to honor America’s physicians on the anniversary of the occasion when Dr. Crawford W. Long became the first acclaimed physician to use ether as an anesthetic agent in a surgical technique on March 30, 1842.  A red carnation has been designated the official flower of Doctors’ Day.