Make your event a success!

  EVENT PLANNING GUIDE Celebrate & Recognize your Special Week This Planning Guide is your source for celebrations and recognition of dedicated staff.   These ideas promoteteambuilding and generate a sense of pride in your profession. It does not take a large budget or drain resources to plan, in fact spreading good news helps productivity and work satisfaction! First Steps Decide the theme. Start your search on-line. Many national recognition weeks have annual themes with a media kit including downloadable graphics. But if this year’s theme isn’t your style, create your own, or use a previous year. The theme will provide a direction for planning events, theme colors, promotional items and decorations. Get help from coworkers. Form a small committee to help plan and divide the work. Getting others to help will increase the overall participation in the events planned. Plan early. Order any items or make favors at least two weeks in advance. Also if your festivities include the community start making those calls early so they can save the date.   Activity Guide Enter the Celebration Announce your celebration to everyone who enters with a colorful balloon arch. Decorate your entrances with Balloons during the Week and plan a photo outside on the 1st day of the event inviting local media for the photo opportunity. Make the photo something