Making Cozy Spaces at Work

Have you heard of hygee? (pronounced HOO-GA). Hygee is the Danish secret to happy living. It is about cozy togetherness and is an atmosphere and an experience. Being cozy with those we care about, getting comfortable by the fire with a warm cup of coca. How do we bring hygee to work?  Many of us are lucky enough to work in spaces that are also someone’s home, so the transition to cozy is easy. Dim lights and sweets to share are an obvious start. But any office can bring a little hygee and think of ways to make things more casual and cozy. Here are five ideas to get hygge going at the office. ORGANIZE A POTLUCK Instead of bring lunch just for yourself, why not organize potluck for lunch one day of the week? When everybody shares, everybody gets hygee. SET UP AN OFFICE GARDEN If the office allow it, hou can add to the hygge by planting a few plants. Spending a few minutes each day tending to them may be a nice way to manage stress. Use containers for herbs if there is not outdoor plots, but if you grow produce that can be enjoyed at the potluck that is better. BRING YOUR DOG TO WORK When my daughter went away to college, I started taking her