Medicare Part D Fact Sheet

Medicare Part D Plan Open Enrollment Every October 15 through December 7th Medicare Part D plans have Open Enrollment. The programs begin on January 1st. Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage with a formulary of prescription drugs, managed by a plan sponsor. If a person participates in Medicare Part A or Part B, then the Part D enrollment is voluntary. If a person has Medicaid, then they must enroll in a Part D plan, or one will automatically be assigned. Medicaid coverage helps with costs of premiums, deductibles and co-pays. FLORIDA APPROVED PART D PLANS FOR 2020 SilverScript Choice Wellcare Classic Cigna Healthspring RX Secure (new for 2020) Clear Spring Health Value RX (new for 2020) Basic Plan for the Average Person Monthly premiums average $30.00 per month Annual deductible is $435.00 Co-pays for prescriptions up to 75% of the cost of drugs (depends on the drug) “Donut Hole” – is a gap in prescription coverage Coverage for drugs stops at $4,020 Beneficiary is responsible for 100% of drug costs from $4,020 until $6,350 out of pocket Once the annual cost of drugs reaches $6,350, Medicare Part D pays 95% of costs        During Open Enrollment Oct – Dec Letters will be mailed to all “choosers” regarding their status The designated person that choose a plan any year since



Discharge Medication Program

Partner Care Pharmacy Services Discharge Medication Program Send every patient home with 30-day supply of medication. Ease the transition to home with all prescription drugs delivered to patients before discharge home.  Mandated DRUG RECONCILIATION on discharge is automatic with Partner Care Pharmacy Services’ Discharge Medication Program.  Patients that comply with their medication regime as prescribed by their physicians, have a 66% higher change of success in community and preventing readmissions to hospital. Complies with Quality Measure Drug Reconciliation upon Discharge Reduces readmissions by 66% Time–saving option, no stop to drop off prescriptions or pick up drugs No cost to facility, pharmacy accepts all insurances No missing doses This easy to implement program is just a fax or phone call away.  Start sending your patients home with a 30-day supply of medications, not a handful of confusing prescriptions. Start today by contacting the pharmacy below