ASK THE PHARMACIST…about national drug shortages

Question:  I have an IV antibiotic ordered and the pharmacy informed me that the drug is not available because of a national backorder, what does that mean? Answer:  From time to time there are national shortages on medications mainly due to manufacturing issues. The FDA website explains drug shortages like this: When one company has a problem or discontinues manufacturing a drug, it is difficult for the remaining drug companies to increase production quickly and a shortage occurs. Hospital pharmacies have priority and are the first to receive medications after production and other pharmacies are placed on a waiting list.  In nursing homes, communication is key to prevent adverse drug therapy or delay medical treatment. Upon admission to the nursing home it is important to review hospital records and the pharmacy can recommend alternative medications based on lab tests. (Culture & Sensitivity) to determine which antibiotics would be an acceptable. Share this link to educate your staff. Bookmark this FDA Website to check national shortages: